Hip-Hop/Rap - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eddie Jame$, Born Eddie James IV, of Waterloo, Iowa is a dynamic and lyrical rap artist and videographer. Born July 10, 1991, Eddie was the youngest of 4 children. The only son to 3 sisters, Eddie spent a lot of his time to himself. He found interest in writing, computers and video games. Struggling in high school, Eddie left school in 2009 to pursue his career in music. He took to the music, mastering music production programs in his homemade studio. Over years of perfecting his craft, Eddie gained confidence in both his producing and writing and began cultivating his own sound. Collaborating with artists like Kushy Kris, Kewl Tay, Rahn Rahn Splash, and JesusThaGod, Eddie began building a career phasing out of production and developing himself as an overall artist. He recorded, engineered and produced all of his music on his project “Imagine It” in 2013 and later music to come and went on to release many self recorded and engineered projects. Projects Such As Streets Waitin And ST2 Were Both Both Proven To Be Very Hot Albums In The Underground Scene Of Milwaukee. With New Music Coming Almost Weekly Eddie Jame$ Shows No Signs Of Letting Up With Many New Songs And Collaborations.

Instagram: @eddiejamesonnatrack